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Day 33 : Tongue to Dunbeath (107.3 miles)

Day 33 complete – 107.3 miles, 1918m climbing. Dry day until about 4pm when it poured with rain again.

Really gusty winds all day making cycling challenging. Matt cycled along the A836 coast road to Isauld then cut across to Thurso and on to Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in the UK, then on to John o’Groats …..

…. then on the A99/A9 through to Wick and on to Dunbeath where we are staying at the Inver Caravan Park.

Steve and I followed the A836 (NC500) coast road stopping in Thurso and then on to John o’Groats where we met up with Matt and then on to Dunbeath.

A lot of the A836 was single track to start with with lots of passing places and we met up with lots of old sports cars coming in the opposite direction.

We are trying to add a day in tomorrow as Matt has a problem with some of his gears and has spoken to a bike shop near Inverness and is taking it in on Monday morning so hopefully they will be able to fix it quickly.

Not surprising really seeing he has done 2,740 miles although he does service it quite regularly himself.