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For Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, London please contact: Labrador Rescue S.E. and Central  at

For Kent and Borders please contact:

For the Southampton, New Forest, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire please contact:Labrador Rescue Trust at

If you cannot find your area in the list  then please contact this website: Find a Rescue Dog

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“Due to the high number of applications we are receiving it is not always possible to reply individually so please bear with us. We will, however, contact you if we think you might be  a suitable home.”



Handsome boy and looking for his forever home.

Sweet, loving and loyal, he has easily fitted in as a family member and at only 2 years is full of potential with your patience and love.  He is soft and gentle with food, his bed or toys; he’ll never want to leave your side on walks and adores playing fetch.

This gorgeous, neutered male, has come on leaps and bounds in his foster home, gaining his bronze obedience certificate whilst working towards his silver. He loves the mixed puppy classes and his confidence grows each day.

He is a sensitive soul and needs people who are calm, patient and understand dogs. He would be suited to a family of adults. He needs space when meeting new people but with patience soon becomes their friend.  He gets anxious meeting new dogs but can be easily distracted by his tennis ball!

Comet is completely dry in the home and travels by car and caravan with pleasure.

He is still a playful puppy at heart, and once his confidence is earned, is a cuddly funny boy!

For further information please email

Joan Falvey.


Approximately 7 years old black Labrador bitch

Vaccinated and vet thinks spayed.

No young children or grandchildren under the age of 14 due to her exuberance. Millie needs to be an only dog; she will walk with another dog however her family will have to introduce her carefully.

Millie is currently in a foster home in Nottinghamshire after coming into the rescue under very sad circumstances. She is a loving, playful, enthusiastic and affectionate dog who is learning a lot about things she has missed out on until now.

Since living in foster care Millie is learning new commands quickly, loving her reward-based training and although she has an urge to swiftly move towards anything ‘new and exciting’ she is gaining more experiences daily which is helping her relax. 

In the house Mille can relax both in her crate and outside of it but prefers that the humans in the house are relaxing too.   She is ok to be left for a reasonable amount of time when the need arises and settles well.  In the garden she will happily play with her toys and likes to bring them back and interact.  

Millie needs a countryside home with a family who are experienced with rescue dogs and are kind, calm and consistent in their approach.  She needs a good amount of exercise and play to give her the life she deserves.  

Interested homes will need to visit Millie in her foster home at least 3 or 4 times so she gets used to you and forms a bond. Therefore Lincolnshire or Notts homes only please.

For further information please email Nicky Boyer:

Hitchcock (Hitchy or Hitch)

Hitchy is a wonderful mixed breed, neutered male, approximately 2 years old and still behaves like a playful puppy at times. He is about Labrador size but with a lighter build.

He is currently in foster care and enjoys the company of the two resident Labradors. During this time he has had lots of new experiences including country walks and even the pub. He good on the lead and loves his daily walks. An hour a day is needed. When you stop he will stand next to you, or he will lie down if he’s tired or gets bored. A short lead is used through the village and then a long lead in the fields. He hasn’t been let off. Occasionally he will bark at other dogs, but not all. This is probably due to excitement. He can get startled when walking next to a main road if heavy traffic goes by from behind. Also he can be nervous of other sudden loud noises. At first he didn’t like going in the car but is improving but still a work in progress.

Hitchy is a loving boy and will make a loyal companion once a mutual trust and bond is formed. He is best suited to a home with another dog for company and to play with. Sometimes he appears to be playing a little rough but that is the puppy in him. Fetch is a popular game and he does bring the ball back. A village or rural location will suit him best. His forever home will need to have a secure garden which is large enough to run in. He is very quick and light on his paws. Leaving him at home with another dog for a short time is fine but not on a daily basis.

In the evening he likes to lie by the fire or if he’s really tired he will curl up in his bed.

No small children.

Any potential adopter will need to visit on several occasions prior to rehoming so that Hitchy feels comfortable in their company. This will help him settle in easier as he is a sensitive chap.

Further details please contact Joan Falvey

We will be posting more dogs in our Lincs Area,  If you would like to apply then please contact  to find out what they have available for rehoming. These are for dogs for rehoming in our Lincs/Notts areas.


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