The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a Labrador Rescue Charity dedicated to rescuing, rehoming and helping Labradors. We are now in our 21st year of helping Labradors in need of new homes.  We cover the area of    Hampshire,  Lincolnshire,   Berkshire, Surrey


We rescue and rehome unwanted, ill-treated and abandoned Labradors irrespective of age or infirmity.  We have dogs of all ages coming into us all the time and it is our job to match dogs to home and homes to dogs.  We do not publish pictures of dogs wanting homes as this is an ever changing scene and we do not want you to fall in love with a particular dog you have seen on our website only to find that it is not suitable for you.

Like all other Labrador Rescue charities we do not have kennels where you can view a line up of Labradors.  We use boarding kennels if we have to kennel a dog because we have no suitable home immediately.  If we need to assess a dog then we have our own block of kennels  in Hampshire, but these are not open to the public.  We try to use foster homes where possible.

You may have a wait for the right dog to come along but please be patient with us and we will do our best to find the right dog for you and your family.  We do not supply working gun dogs.

We are a registered charity (number 1076061).

We are also a Kennel Club Accredited Breed rescue.

We are full members of the Association of Dog & Cat Homes and we are required to maintain high standards of welfare in the treatment of all dogs  and to abide by their strict  codes of practice.

We hold a United Kingdom Animal Transport Licence which guarantees that dogs in our care are moved between homes under strict welfare regulations.

We rely on public donations and  every one  received is for the benefit of dogs in our care and none is used for administration purposes.

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