Little Barney Bear is only 8 months old but sadly is suffering from both a degree of hip and elbow dysplasia, some of which could be genetic , but we also believe the exercise he has been given was not suitable for a growing puppy.

Having said all that, Barney’s problems are only visible by his unusual gait. Everything else, Barney is a typical Labrador puppy who loves his food and toys and enjoys chewing everything in sight.

He is a very sweet, friendly boy and we are looking for that special home with no children either to foster or adopt who could give him the care he needs, which will include careful structured exercise (no stairs or being allowed to jump), regular hydrotherapy and obviously regular trips to the vets.

We feel this boy deserves the very best we can offer him and the Trust are willing to meet the costs to make this happen.

This is a very big ask, but if you feel you have that special home and can help us to help Barney lead a normal life, then please get in touch.

For obvious reasons this boy cannot go with another dog unless very calm and laid back, perhaps an older dog?

Please contact