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Our main Contacts are:

   Re-HOMING your Labrador
       ADOPTING a Labrador
        FOSTERING a Labrador



Main office contact

Telephone: 01256 884027

Accounts department

Treasurer - Mavis Pritchard
email   tel: 01730 892532

Area coordinators

South Hants - Advisor

 Anne Carter
01256 884027 email:

West Midlands Coordinator
20 mile radius of Coventry

 Nicky Clark 02476 467845

Lincolnshire/part Notts

Joan Falvey

Nicky Pell 01775 640616

East Berks, North Hants, West Surrey

Miranda Murton
Lyn Rolt

Herts, Parts of Beds and Bucks, Northamptonshire, Part Middlesex

Over the Christmas period in case of emergency please contact our office 01256 884027

Sue Ellett  01296 712788 email:

S.E. Surrey, East Hants, Surrey and West Sussex Borders

John & Helen West email:
tel: 01428 644218

If you have a query then we are here to help.  Please do contact us if you need advice with your existing dog.  All our Area Coordinators are experienced Labrador owners and have dealt with the majority of problems over the years  If we don't know the answer then we will find someone for you that does.

We are always looking for Volunteer Helpers in all areas to assist us with our work.  Full training and guidance is given by one of our experienced helpers and we pay reasonable expenses.  Could you give us a little of your time to help us with home vetting, assessing dogs to come into rescue, moving dogs from one home to another?  If the answer is yes then please enquire with your nearest Coordinator and come and join our happy band and help Labradors in need.