LLT Kennels

The Labrador Lifeline Trust Kennels


The Labrador Lifeline Trust are fortunate to  have  a superior kennel block for  4 dogs or 8 sharing, situated    in Hampshire.  These were completed in 2015 with the help of a substantial donation from
Adopt A Pet (Pets at Home Charitable Trust)
and our supporters.

These kennels offer complete comfort for our dogs when they have to stay in kennels awaiting a new home.  All our kennel dogs are fed on high quality Natural Instinct raw diet as we find that this helps with any dogs with problem digestion, coat loss or skin problems. See www.naturalinstinct.com

Each kennel has non-slip flooring which is easy to keep clean and also helps with dogs who may have joint problems. All are equipped with handmade duvets in their beds, raised water and food bowls. Each kennel also has  a large insulated and airy covered run  which overlooks the play area.

Kennels new 1

A large play and socialisation area which has the benefit of astro-turf for ease of cleaning .  For enrichment we have provided large play toys and even a lamp post especially for the boys!

The kennel  block is  equipped with individual Pet Remedy Atomisers which provide a constant de-stress and calming spray. We even have   music for the more discerning of our clients!

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If our kennels are not full and you have an LLT dog then there is the possibility of boarding your dog in our block at a reasonable cost.  However it must be stated that rescue dogs do take precedence.  If our kennels are not available then the boarding kennels do have comfortable kennels usually available.

For further details about the Labrador Lifeline Trust Kennels or for the general boarding kennels then please contact our office on 01256 884027.

Viewing is strictly by appointment.