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About Dignity Pet Crematorium

Dignity Pet Crematorium was founded by Barry and Carole Spurgeon in 1992. As a family we have always had pets of all shapes and sizes and we know first-hand the joy they bring to our lives. In 1991 Barry, a fashion agent at the time, was watching a documentary on what happened to pets after they died and was shocked to see them being dumped in bags then stored in a freezer before being taken away from vets alongside the clinical waste they had generated over a week. 

As pet lovers Barry and Carole felt they didn’t want their much loved pets to be treated in that way and so decided that they would offer a very different, more dignified service to the weekly “ashes back” companies that contracted to vets and would create a pet crematorium where pets would be looked after with the care and respect they deserved. They also wanted to help owners by trying to take some of the pain away at what is a very sad time for all the family. Dignity Pet Crematorium opened its doors in June 1992 and is now run by three generations of the Spurgeon family. The site itself is steeped in history, the centrepiece of which is the stunning Grade 2 Victorian Brick Kiln. Please click here to find out more about how we started and the history of Dignity Pet Crematorium.

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Giving pets the send-off they deserve
We have stuck to our principles of giving the very best send-off to each and every pet. We guarantee our responsive service will be completely open and honest, giving you total peace of mind that your pet, however large or small, will be properly looked after on their final journey by us. We promise that you will receive the same high standard of care whether you bring your pet to Dignity yourself or we collect them from your vet on your behalf and have explained our pet cremation procedures in full to give you complete confidence that only your much loved pet is returned to you. No matter whether they are a horse, dog, cat, rabbit or hamster we promise they are all looked after with great care by us.
Pet Cremation offered through vets
The sad truth is that not much has changed in the pet cremation services offered by veterinary practices over the past 20 years. The standard “ashes back” service still means most pets will be taken away each week alongside the vets clinical waste with no special handling and the majority of “communal” cremations are simple disposal operations where remains are taken to landfill sites afterwards. The problem is that most vets have never been to the pet crematorium where they send your pet and the large companies have “glossed up” their services over the years meaning unless you do a lot of research about pet cremation you may not get the service you want. More recently vets have been encouraged to profiteer from pet cremation with large companies offering them a low cost price. Some vets now make in excess of £100 from “arranging” your pet’s cremation, therefore you may get a far superior and less expensive service by looking elsewhere. Whichever pet crematorium you choose to look after your pet please do your research so you can make an informed decision. You can find out more information at http://www.petcremationservices.co.uk/
Arranging your pet’s cremation is simple
Even if you are not in immediate need of our pet cremation services it is better to have a plan in place for when the time comes so please feel free to contact us byemail or on 01252 844572  with any questions that you may have. We can give you a breakdown of the cost involved and tailor our service to suit your needs, letting you decide what you would like for your pet. We will then arrange to either collect your pet from your home or vet or make an appointment for you to bring them to us, normally the same day.
We are able to personalise our service and can collect your pet from your home or from your veterinary surgery. All we need is a telephone call on 01252 844572 to make the arrangements. Alternatively you can bring your pet to us and say goodbye in the privacy of our Farewell Rooms™. You will need to make an appointment with us prior to coming to Dignity.

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Please note: Dignity Pet Crematorium is a small, independent service run by 3 generations of the Spurgeon family and has no connection whatsoever with the nationwide chain of human funeral directors and crematoria known as “Dignity Caring Funeral Services” or “Dignity plc.”.


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Remembrance Plot

The Labrador Lifeline Trust

Dignity is working in partnership with the Labrador Lifeline Trust and has set aside a special plot where adopters can have a permanent resting place for their pet's ashes. The Trust can help by paying a proportion of the discounted fee for adopters or adopters can pay the entire fee to the Trust themselves.

NB: Entry into Dignity's Woodland is restricted to pets that have been either individually cremated at Dignity or at one of the members of the APPCC.

There is no need to purchase a marker although adopters can choose to commemorate their own pet by ordering a permanent marker from Dignity.

Alternatively adopters wanting to keep or scatter their pet's ashes themselves should contact Dignity on 01252 844572 to make direct arrangements. Dignity will reduce their cost by 10% for all Labrador Lifeline Trust Dogs.

Please ensure that your veterinary surgeon makes a note on your pet records if you wish Dignity to handle this service for you.

Your pet deserves the best.