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trainingTraining your dog

To be taught how to drive is the same as being taught to train your dog. Canine Professionals now understand that the old fashioned fear based methods of the past are totally wrong as they created distrust in the dog. At The Labrador Lifeline Trust we offer guidance about using kind, effective methods that bring about the fastest results for you both.

We love every dog we rehome as our own and ask that you ensure any trainer used does not include harsh methods such as Choke Chains, Water Spray Bottles, Stone filled Rattle Tins, Nose Slapping, hitting or the like which are cruel and ineffectual.

For these reasons the Trust prefers the use of correctly assessed qualified trainers hence recommending APDT members. All Labrador Lifeline Trust helpers have their own lists of APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) members to refer to; this having been prepared by one of our Area Coordinators who is an ADPT Dog Trainer & Behaviourist.

Dogs learn quicker from the kinder, positive training methods used by APDT members and the more you learn about training in this way, the faster your dog will learn to love you. No dog is ever to young or old to train!