DIY Disaster !



Calendar 1 LouisIf you, or anyone you know needs to rehome your Labrador, please think hard about what is actually best for your dog and seek advice from people who will act in the dog’s best interest. There are professional, caring and experienced organisations available who exist specifically to rehome dogs and have a vast knowledge in this field – like The Labrador-Lifeline Trust.

We have no hidden agenda, we are all volunteers who dedicate our time because we know and love the breed. We are rewarded by our success in matching these wonderful dogs with their forever homes.

We are contacted by people wanting to adopt a Labrador and we visit and carefully check every single home ourselves, ensuring they are suitable and that they can provide exactly what a Labrador needs – not only at the time of its’ adoption, but for the rest of its’ life.

We know exactly what questions to ask and we know exactly what type, age, size, or gender of Lab will suit them – or even if at all. It is important that the dogs are matched to the best home most suited to their needs. We remain in contact with the dog for life – we are available to advise and support the home in order to ensure the dog remains happy and healthy.

Too many people are convinced that they can find a good home themselves either by asking a friend, persuading a relative, “putting the word around” or even the worst case scenario – placing an ad on the internet!

If your friend or relative was not already thinking about homing a dog, then why would it follow that they’d want your dog? Also, by keeping in contact with your dog, you are being unkind and confusing it.

How well do you know the friend of a friend or acquaintance of a person who met somebody in the park, who just happens to know someone that wants a dog?


But if you really just want rid of your dog and are not actually bothered where it may end up or even if you just want to try and get some money back – then there is the “Out of sight, out of mind” option…………the internet e.g. Gumtree etc.

That is where you will you find somebody who will sound ideal for your dog and they will come and meet you and quite possibly seem absolutely perfect. They will tell you everything you want to hear and you will hand over your beloved dog and feel comforted in the knowledge that they’re going to a wonderful, loving home and will want for nothing. They’ll promise to keep in contact and let you know that all is well.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Have you really thought about the following?

Will the person who you met actually be keeping the dog or will they be passing it straight on to the actual person who sent them to you?

Are they who they say they are or do they breed and/or trade in dogs?

Will your dog be spending its days curled up in a cosy bed in a loving home or will it be in a small, dark space waiting to be used for breeding?


Will your dog be enjoying running in fields with other happy dogs or will it be caged and used for fighting or bait?

Are you prepared to take that risk?


If your car broke down, you’d find a mechanic

If you needed legal advice, you’d ask a solicitor

If you required medical assistance, you’d consult a doctor


If you are not experienced in rehoming dogs, please take advice from someone that is – it costs nothing!