Help – my dog has …?

Calendar 16 - Solo hoseHelp my dog has been diagnosed with canine aspergillosis.

Solo, featured in our picture was diagnosed with this at 14 years of age. It started with a runny nose but only in one nostril. After many tests he was found to have aspergillosis. Symptoms of nasal aspergillosis include sneezing, nasal pain, bleeding from the nose, reduced appetite, visibly swollen nose, and long-term nasal discharge from the nostril(s), which may contain mucus, pus and/or blood. In some cases, loss of pigment or tissue on the surface of the skin may also occur. Solo could sneeze so violently that his feet nearly came off the ground!

He was originally treated with tablets but these did not agree with him and he rapidly went downhill so the treatment was stopped. At his age we were not prepared to take the other option which was to have anti-fungal liquid placed in the nose through holes bored into his nasal passages. There was no guarantee that this would not kill him instantly under anaesthetic as the disease had really taken a hold.

By chance we found a blog on the internet about other people who had dogs with this problem and they had used more natural methods to reduce the symptoms. Without hesitation Solo was placed on a regime Colostrum and Aurum Metallicum. Within four days he had improved dramatically and was more himself, eager to go for walks and above all the discharge had stopped and thankfully the horrendous nose bleeds which left our house looking like a slaughterhouse! We know it will not cure the problem but just to see him back to his old self is wonderful. He now pesters us when he thinks it is feeding time which is always a good sign with a Labrador. Apart from the medication we give him he is a fed a natural diet from Natural Instinct who can be found at
If you have a dog that is diagnosed with this awful disease then all I can say is don’t despair – there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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